Monday, November 2

Halloween Pictures

Here are the Halloween pictures. You can all stop with the not-so-very-nice-or-patient-emails. It's ok, though. He is the cutest kid to ever live, so I understand your need. He's like a super cute little addiction. Here's your fix:

This was the best monster face we could get out of him.
We'd practiced for days, but all attempts end with laughter.

And here's my sweet little huggin and kissin monster.

We went to my mom's festival at the church. She took a ride in the pony cart. If I remember correctly, she once wrote a paper on how to have a successful pony cart crash. How's that for weird fact?

And because I'm incredibly funny and can't wait to hear comments about this last picture, this pic is of Justin's parents on their way to a party. Oh and yes, they dress like that all the time.

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