Thursday, November 12

an ode

This week marked the birthday of a special lady in our lives.
Her name is Diana.

She's a bonus mom.
And a terrific Grandma-Nanny-Mimi.
{Her grandparent name is as of yet, still undecided.}

Today, as our boy's special gift, he's written a little something just for her. Some of it is a little hard to decipher, as it is a well known fact, he is a genius, and sometimes, geniuses are a little hard to follow.

This is for Grandma-Nanny-Mimi

You know who you are

Who is the best grandson ever???

That's what I thought you'd say

But you're right

I am awesome and adorable and talented...

and so so so much more

Just like my Grandma-Nanny-Mimi

Happy Birthday!!!
{the belated part is Mom's fault. Blame her.}

I love you!

here I am shrieking and laughing because this is so much fun!!!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Laughing hysterically!!!!! That is a great post!!!

Jenny said...

Very cute!

"Indescribable" said...

especially love the last pic!

MIMI said...

This is the second best present I have ever gotten, the first is Asher...signed, MIMI...

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