Monday, October 20

Updates and Tag

UNOFFICIAL UPDATE: We received our bi-weekly update from our agency with referral numbers in it, so we can guesstimate some new numbers. I think I could maybe come up with better guesses with a little more research, but I refuse because I'd rather be off in the numbers and have a happy surprise with our monthly phone call than be disappointed. So here goes:

There were five girl referrals and two boy referrals in the last two weeks so that puts us around 20 on the girl list and 13 on the boy list. Of course, if any of those were on multiple lists, then the numbers would be even lower, but like I said, I prefer to err on the safe side. Still, Yay!

I'm really excited to have been tagged -- by two people!! I love being tagged and these fun questionnaires. I think they take up some decent wait time.

As far as random and/or weird facts:

1. I am a hobby hopper. For a while, I'm really into something, and then I switch. And I mean REALLY into it. Then I just put all that stuff away and try something else. Some of my recycling hobbies include: photography, camping, canoeing, scrapbooking, letter writing, singing & performing, shooting, sewing, and book streaks. (A book streak is when I enjoy a book and find out there is a whole series. This means nothing else happens in my life other than reading that series, until it is done. This has caused serious havoc in my social life before.)

2. I am an avid believer and strong supporter of Emily Post and her Etiquette. I purchased the big book of etiquette during finals one year and read every single word of the 847 page manual. Needless to say, while my gpa might have suffered slightly that year, I had the most polished manners of any college student ever.

3. I love mail. Who doesn't? I love to send hand written letters (and handmade packages!) and have been known to keep a steady habit of mailing three a week. When Justin and I met, I moved away three weeks later and mailed him a handwritten (and often handmade) letter every day for nearly six months. He sent far less, but called far more. : ) And he kept all my letters from our entire long distance courtship of 18 months.

4. I like to pretend I love coffee. I only love what goes along with coffee, and to me that means friends, sweets, and usually yummy flavors. I don't want my coffee to taste like coffee. That's why I love starbucks so much. Only like three of their drinks actually taste like coffee!

5. I love to bake. I have a major sweet tooth. Justin's uncle and cousins live down the road and benefit from this quite often. The two of us can only eat so much sugar.

6. I am thoroughly addicted to sweet tea. I can tell you all the good (and not-so-good) places to get it from Houston to Denton, Houston to San Antonio, and Houston to Austin. What can I say, it's a gift.

7. There was about a six or seven year period where I didn't own any white socks. All my socks were "crazy". I just think they were fun and colorful. I now own some mostly white ones. But you can't see them because they are the ultra low rise. (Additional fact, my socks are the only thing I like to be ultra low rise.)

8. By popular demand (and personal curiousity) I'm opening up a shop on Etsy. I'll keep you posted as to when the site is up and available for shopping, but for now, if you'd like, you can make suggestions (or wish lists) with any color or pattern preferences you have by sending me an email or leaving a comment. I'll post some pics of examples at the bottom (and you can find more on other blogs -- thanks for posting!).


Matt and Emily said...

My husband and I were on both the boy and girl list. We got our referral of for a baby girl on Friday, so you would have moved another slot on the boy list. Good Luck in keeping track of your numbers. It really is a fun part of the process.
Emily H.

Jana said...

I am hobby hopper too, I just didn't know there was a good name for it!! Who knew?

Dawn said...

That blanket is TOO cute and I mean TOO cute!!

Michael and Michelle said...

OK Nell Ann,
I want to buy a blanket with Africa on it NOW!!!!! Please sell me one! You are the coolest hobby hopper I know:) I love the hobby you are doing now (burp rags, onesies, blankets).
Please tell me if you could make one for me and how much I can send you (if you have time).

Our journey said...

Very cool stuff my crafty little friend! I would totally love an Africa blanket too. I will be looking for your shop to open : )

Dave and Gloria said...

You make taggie blankets???!!!! Baby Furmanette wants a blankie. How do I place an order?

Amy said...

I love you cute stuff... I will have to check out your etsy site.

I LOVE LOVE Sweet tea too! Love it. We have a Mcalisters Deli and they have some pretty delicious sweet tea..mmm. mmm.

Super Mom said...

Nell Ann, you had the LONGEST paperchase, but I swear you have got to hold the record for getting to the single digits! I can't believe you're already like #9 on the boys list. Yeah!

Super Mom said...

I stand by my calculations. Mark my words, I am always right! (It's a lot easier to do when you're single you know:)

missy said...

i can't remember if i've commented on here before or not, but i've been a lurker for sure. i also have seen friends of yours that give props to your baby gifts on their blogs and have thought you should be selling that cute stuff. good decision about an etsy shop. i'll check it out!

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