Monday, October 27

pumkpin carving

This is the story, in pictures, of our Saturday night at the Fields House. We're over for dinner a la Martha Stewart and some good ol' fashioned pumpkin carving.

Everything starts out normal.

Jess is in the kitchen (wearing her famous picture face) working on dinner.

This is her brother, Travis.

He's scooping out the pumpkiny goop.

We saved the goop and baked it for our butternut squash soup.

I'm apparently really happy to be carving a pumpkin.

This is the first time I've done it since I led a group of kindergarteners in pumpkin carving.

This time was more fun...and strangely enough, no less messy. Go figure.

Meet Sally. She belongs to Travis. Or is it the other way around?

Sally is really into stabbing her pumpkin.

Dan is really into stabbing asparagus. In his defense, it was self defense. They are called asparagus spears, you know.

Look, it's the happy couple. Well, half happy. Half undecided.

Dan is taste-testing the squash puree, er, soup.

(It was yummy afterall. It was all really yummy afterall. Especially the desserts. Yep. Yum-my.)

Sally's face is in no way related to the soup. I swear. More likely related to Travis.

I'm pretty sure of that one.

Outside: carving pumpkins

Inside: total shenanigans.

Justin carved creepy hands.

Less creepy than when they were pointy little hands, but still creepy.

Sally carved a stinkin masterpiece. It got better after this photo, but I refuse to post any pictures of that. And since there's no proof, I'll just tell you that the pumpkin fell in the pool and you'll have to believe that Sally's pumpkin is no longer the best. Because it drowned.

The girl pumpkins.

The boy pumpkins.

Fun was had by all.
Except the pumpkins.

*Some pumpkins were harmed in the making of this blogpost.


Michael and Michelle said...

You crack me up! Those poor pumpkins:)
Looks like you had TONS of fun!!!


Our journey said...

Love it NellAnn: "*Some pumpkins were harmed in the making of this blogpost." You are hilarious. Looks like a fun night.


Three2Five said...

pumpkin carving looks so fun! Or you guys just make it look super fun! I wanted to let you know that I read your blog. Here is my info
Aaron and Bethany Waiting to bring Liam home,

Stacie said...

Fun! Your pumpkins are fancy!!

Paul and DeeDee said...

Not only do I get to see the UCC, but three of the little boys will be staying at my house tomorrow night and thursday night!! AHHH! I am too excited....I may scare them:)

I know what you mean about the numbers....every time my little brain thinks, "well Nell Ann is WAY lower maybe we are WAY lower" I tell myself to stop because I don't want to be disappointed....I really will be happy with 23:) Well, I really hope a few more go out this week!! haha.... and I think new numbers will come in the form of an email in the first week of november, is that correct?

oh the joys.....

Three2Five said...

So how do you make those super adorable burp clothes? What a clever idea!!!

Paul and DeeDee said...

I love footie pjs:) You are doing better than me by far! Jackson is 19 months old and I still can't put up or take down his pack n play.....that's paul's job.

other paul jobs include moving the car seat and changing the diaper genie:)

Robin said...

Wow! It sure looks like you all had great fun that night!! Yummy food and good company :-) I do feel a bit sorry for the "pumpkins that were harmed in the making of the post"!!LOL!! I loved that you put that in there! It made me smile today :-)

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