Friday, October 17


Who doesn't like photos? I like photos! Here are some fun ones of what we've been up to lately:
This is Justin's best friend, Dan, and his new bride Jess. We love us some Dan and Jess. This is the night we celebrated being on "The List" with heading out to the Blue Nile for some Ethiopian Cuisine. It was awesome. And by awesome I mean we can't wait to go again. Next time we'll take more pictures.
This is Dan again. Hi Dan. Nice little leg from the Doro Wot. Which the boys loved. Ours came with a tiny chicken leg and an egg. Dan took the leg and we made Justin eat the egg, you know, since he's the soon-to-be-Dad. It made no sense that night either, but somehow it worked.
Ah, you know these people. We are at Jess and Dan's house watching them open their wedding gift from us. Yes, we realize we took care of that quite a bit after the wedding. We had to recouperate. It was fun. They got some cool stuff. Now they should invite us over for dinner on the plates we got them. Served under some recipe that we gave them. (HINT HINT...)
Now, when the Fields (D&J) get together with the Galindos (J&N), we like to have plans. We do a whole day of fun. Usually it starts with a meal, then an activity, then a snack, and maybe a movie or some other activity. We've done some really fun things together like paint pottery and stuff backpacks for school kids... The Fields came to our place for "Backyard Shenanigans" this last weekend which included some crazy horseshoes and a botched game of boccee ball. Hey, sometimes it's pretty fun to make up your own rules.
This is Dan, just being Dan. And look, Jess likes to be in pictures just like I do. With strange expressions on her face. It's awesome.

And this is to show off how studly and strong my hubband is. He can juggle. Not only can he juggle, but he can juggle heavy boccee balls. Just look out when it's time to stop juggling.

I guess that's all I've really got for right now. This Friday should be our Bi-Weekly update from our agency so I should have an idea for some new unofficial numbers. Yay! Don't forget to do your voting on the sidebar. I like polls. Do it! Do it now. Five, Four, Do it, Three, You know you want to, Do it Michael, Two, One. Do it now. Oh, how I love the Office.


Brian and Autumn said...

Fun stuff! I tagged you.

Dawn said...

I LOVE the Office too!!!

P.S. I voted boy. :)

Anonymous said...

We are officially inviting you guys to a scrumptious dinner a la Fields, a la Martha Stewart cook book. How does next weekend sometime sound?

Love you guys!

Three2Five said...

I voted boy too!
We are avid office watchers...Last weeks episode was so ackward..

We have yet to try Ethiopian food! Good to hear you guys loved it! I guess we should get on that since we may (cross our fingers) be traveling soon.

Stacie said...

I love pictures! Again - you are too cute!

Oh, and I tagged you too. Tags all over the place!

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