Tuesday, December 18

It's gonna be a Boy. Or a Girl!

Yesterday morning I worked on our dossier/homestudy stuff for a little under two hours. Man, who knew getting birth certificates and marriage licenses were so expensive! (Anyone know where to get them for less than an arm and a leg?) I am starting to see why all of this takes so long...because so much of it depends on other people! You have to order stuff and wait. Ask your boss to write something and wait. Check the mail and wait. The exciting thing is that I'm noticing that AGCI families are currently only waiting about 8-10 weeks for infant referral from the time their dossier is done. Speaking of that, the Beelers just received a referral for a little girl! How exciting!

This is great for so many reasons -- on a selfish personal note, it means that there's a possibility of girl referrals for non-gender-specified adoptive parents. Did that make sense? I've noticed on several blogs that parents who do not choose girl or boy usually receive boy referrals. And since Justin and I couldn't agree on a gender, we did not specify. Which later led me to believe we would receive a boy referral. (And I can't say that I'm not starting to at least get used to the idea of a boy.) But now I feel excited that it really could be either! Yay! I love not knowing. I think it's one of the most exciting parts!


-Gurske Adoption- said...

Hurry and get that paper chasing done!! :-) I think its so great when families are open to either gender. (can't say that for myself ahaha).

Good luck with the rest of your paper chasing! WOW thats a really quick referral time, I really hope that happens for you guys!

Jesse, Amy, & Rachel said...

Just wanted to say Hi! I look forward to following your journey! We just got back about a month ago with our 5 month old little boy & also went with AGCI...email me if you have any questions! rudysindc@yahoo.com

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