Wednesday, December 12

do good gifts

This is the Feed Bag. With the purchase of this gift, you will school and feed a child for ONE YEAR. Isn't that incredible?

The creator of TOMS Shoes, Blake Mycoskie (who was on TV's The Incredible Race) added this to his site. If you don't know about TOMS Shoes, they are "shoes for tomorrow.

This is the pair that I have...and of course, I have told Santa about some cool new brown and gold ones that would be handy. Let me also add that they are sooo comfy! TOMS Shoes took several THOUSAND pairs of shoes to needy kids in Argentina in 2006. Earlier this fall, he came to our church and did an interview about it. This year, I think in November, they took 60,000--that's right, sixty thousand pairs of shoes to Africa. How incredible is that? Also, while touring the continent, he went to Ethiopia and learned about Mossy Foot Disease.

Mossy Foot is a debilitating condition foundprimarily in rural districts on people that work in soil of volcanic origin.This condition causes swelling & ulcers in the feet and lower legs. This deformity, swelling, repeated ulceration and secondary infections make people with Mossy Foot social outcasts equivalent to those with leprosy.The afflicted are deserted by their friends, their hope of marriage and employmentis lost because of others fears of contracting the disease.

When Blake learned this, he vowed to continue working in Ethiopia until the disease was eradicated. This means he'll be providing shoes for our children and their birth parents, as welll as their communities. Doesn't this just make your heart cry out?

Also, on several blogs now, is this fabulous shirt, which you can sport and half the proceeds go to Hannah's Hope in Ethiopia, where all the AGCI kids live before coming home to their forever families.

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