Tuesday, December 11

hip hip hooray!

Well, after a while of being sad, I was just about to give up. I was going to take my photo card and stand at Walgreens for hours waiting to download all the prints. All of a sudden, my hubband remembered that his printer takes cards. Lo and behold! An XD drive! Yippie!!! So, finally, without (much) further ado, a few pictures. Let's face it, blogs are better with pictures!

This little sweetheart is Landon. He's already 4 and a half months old. This was when he was brand new and I think that both our faces are classic expressions that totally represent who we each are.

This is me in the fall aisle at Hobby Lobby, or affectionately known around here as HoLo. I love fall and fall colors and in order to really get any type of fall here in Texas, you just stand in the aisle and pretend. Just like I'm doing here. (Notice that my outfit including my glasses match. That's how ridiculous I am.)

This is the long awaited (ok, well, maybe I've just been longing to publish) picture of us at Halloween! I wore my prom dress (again, ridiculous, I know) and some bonus stuff as the Tooth Fairy and Justin went as a dentist, in case you couldn't tell by his over-excited brushing.

These last two are from our trip to Fort Worth, Texas. We toured the Botanical Gardens and the Japanese Gardens. These are nifty little tubes you can talk and listen with a friend who is really far away.

Or not so far away if you're with Justin.

: )

Ok folks, that's it for now. I'm running off with Misty and the kids to do pictures at Wal-Mart. AND! Bonus, I'm an emergency shopper for our church's Christmas Miracles Project. Woohoo. I get to do extra Christmas shopping. And wrapping! How awesome and amazing is that? Today is a grrrreat day!

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You guys are toooooo cute! I love how fun you are :-)

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