Tuesday, February 24

that time again

It has occurred to me that there are several of you out there. 
Stalking, if you will.
In secret.

Well, stop it.
There is no need for that.
Let's be friends.

If your blog is not listed on the blog list in the right column, please leave us a comment so we can find you and be friends! Life is more fun with friends. 

Thanks, and happy Monday, er, Tuesday!


Matt said...

Did you watch Chuck last night? Is that what inspired the stalking theme?

The Hensley's said...

okay...I'll come forward. I'm a stalker of blogs. It is such a great way to get info. about adoption. Good luck and here is my link!

Bethany said...

Well sadly I thought we were friends and I wasn't stalking...but I still don't appear :-(

Stephanie said...

Ok, I'll come out of hiding. :-) I found your blog just a couple of weeks ago and have loved reading about your referral! My husband and I are adopting from Ethiopia too. (We just sent our dossier to Washington.) We are going through Christian World Adoption. Here's my blog address:

The Boyce Family said...

How sweet of you! Our blog is http://theotherboyceteam.blogspot.com/ and I'm not sure whether I've ever commented before but I have so enjoyed following yours. We are also adopting from Ethiopia through AGCI--hoping to finish our paperwork soon.

Blog Shmog said...

I just started reading your blog Nell Ann!

Dawn said...

mwahahahaha (that's my evil laugh) ... i'm going to leave you all in suspense. i'm so mean, aren't i?!

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm an adoption blog stalker! I've enjoyed following your adoption. We haven't started our Ethiopia adoption yet, but look forward to God giving the okay to grow this family of three! You can find me at: http://joannaadams.wordpress.com/

Jenni said...

Well I am a stalker as well. I have been reading your blog since you were waiting on finger prints. My DH and I were looking into adoption from Ethiopia after 12 years of infertility. We have since become pregnant and have put off the plans for now. I love reading your blog and your updates. Have to say the soup explosion sent me into hysterics when I saw the pictures. Sorry honey.

Aubrey said...

Count me in! :)brockbuzz.blogspot.com

tuesdaymom said...

To know me is to love me:


But apparently I'm not cool enough to go to Virginia to visit Jody. ;)

Molly C said...

I don't have a blog :-(. Probably because I'm 20 and not adopting (not yet) but ONE DAY!!!!

Hi, I'm Molly. I go to school in NYC and I swear i'm not a creeper.

Also chuck last night-totally awesome

The Albertsons said...

Hey there!
this post is hilarious! i need to do one like this, too... i just clicked on your blog from Joy's (blog schmog). So glad I did! i'm excited to watch your journey unfold. (we adopted our third child, sam, from ethiopia last april :).

Troy said...

ahh, the last known person that was above us on the waiting list....you'll be forever remembered :)

hope all is well!

Melissa said...

i admit ... i'm stalking you via your blog. my brother and sister-in-law are adopting from Ethiopia and i found your blog through them. thanks for sharing your world with us. :) mauryandmelissa.blogspot.com

Aaron & Whitney Pratt (A&W) said...

Hi, I'm Whitney, and my husband Aaron and I are with AGCI Ethiopia, too!! Now that I found your blog, I look forward to following your journey! www.pratterbox.blogspot.com

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