Friday, February 20

soup explosion

Well, it's time for another post, and one with pictures is way overdue. First, the important stuff:
1. still no court date
2. still no info from CIS
3. God is still in charge

So, every Tuesday night, a "small group" of ladies come to my house for some dinner and time with one another and Jesus. This week, I decided to use my new giant crock pot and make a very large batch of soup. Mmm, Pasta e Fagioli. All went fine. I made the soup and some cookies and some bread. Yes, I even made bread. Mmmm, homemade bread. And cookies.

I decided to move the soup in the crock so it would be easier to get the buffet line going. I grabbed hold of the built-in handles on the crock and guess what. 
I know! I lifted, but the bottom of the crock just stayed put. 

And the soup flooded the stovetop. The countertops. The bread. The oven front. The oven drawer. The floor. The cabinets. (Have I mentioned yet that our stove slides in to the cabinet base, so the soupy mess had seeped between the cabinets and the stove? I had to pull out the stove and clean the cabinets, wall, and floor!)

We did some serious laughing. And slipping and sliding in the soupy mess. And boy, what a mess! But what fun, too.  We called Double Daves and had some pizza delivered.  After that, we decided that two dessert pizzas were in order. I'm so glad my friends think silly things like this are as funny as I do! 

From top to bottom on the left, Lindsay and Jen. 
From top to bottom on the right, Jenny, AC, and Rebecca. 
My silly soupy friends. 

Our lesson that night was about JOY, and boy, did we experience some of that!! 


Kristi J said...

hilarious...Still waiting on email from you...Wondering what you sent me :) kj

Aubrey said...

Soup tragedy! That definitely looks like something that would happen to me. :)

neely said...

amazing! a little similar to when the special birthday cake I made fell of the table!! It's good that you can laugh at stuff like this...

Ted and Lori said...

A true blogger takes photos of messes. Thanks for your sweet comment.

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