Wednesday, September 17

not what you think.

Ok, I realize I have left you all hanging. I'm sorry. I was trying to save this (our 50th post) for some exciting know, like a number. But alas, it's not happening today. Instead I am posting to say that
1. Yay! We made it through Hurricane Ike with little damage to our property.
2. Yay! After like four or five days, we finally have power! And air conditioning! Yay!!!
3. Dear Hubband is on 12 hours shifts for at least two more weeks...with no days off. Booo.
4. Our homestudy needed some revisions, we made those.
5. Our homestudy revisions should be just about done being reivised and approved and complete!
6. We should have a number soon!!!


More posting to come soon, I promise!

Thanks for checking in on us so much. I love it!!!


Michael and Michelle said...

Whatever!!!! Give me a number!!! JK
I can't wait!


Cindy said...

I am glad that you have power and air conditioning!! I am SUPER glad that you will soon have a number. Can't wait to hear!!

Our journey said...

You are almost there! Can't wait to see your number and then watch it get smaller and smaller and smaller!


Brian and Autumn said...

You better hurry up and get on that wait list because the referrals are on FIRE!!!
Liking the heat,

Fan Club