Thursday, September 25

hip hip hooray!

First of all, I am so excited to see so many referrals lately. That is total awesomeness. Yes!

Second of all, my new friend Kim is beating me in the numbers race because she's already overnighted her dossier to AGCI.

But most importantly, our HOMESTUDY is COMPLETE and APPROVED and being mailed to me asap! Praise Jesus! Finally. Our dossier stuff has been ready and complete and just waiting to be mailed for oh...months now. But it's all good, because in God's perfect timing, our child will be home!

Now, onto the list!

Dear elusive Wait List,

We know where you are.
We're on our way to get you.
Don't be scared.
Just give us a number
and no one gets hurt.
See you soon!!!


Cindy said...

So glad you have made it!!!

Our journey said...

FINALLY! I am so glad you made it. Praise God for His faithfulness.

Michael and Michelle said...

You will be a number!!!!!
I can't wait! Get those papers overnighted ASAP!


Big Chris said...

You guys will make great parents and I'm REALLY happy to see things moving along for you guys. Say hey to Justin for me, I haven't talked to him since he was at the academy last year, I think... yikes.

-Chris H

Brian and Autumn said...


C & R said...

The race is on :) I think we both would when in the slowest adoption time!!!!! BUt now the race for a number thats fun but I have a feeling you may win we are not sending in our dossier until WEd. or Thur. so can't wait to hear your ######! I hope our numbers are next to each other and then we might be able to travel together that would be great!!!

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