Sunday, July 10

where did June go?

I'm way behind on the ol' blog, as some of you were so kind to point out. : ) So here's a recap of June.

June 2 I celebrated my fifth wedding anniversary with my sweet Pablo. We had a party.

We had some awesome fajitas and played some yard games. We even made a giant adult twister board, which was pretty fun, if I may say so myself. Yay for love and anniversaries and people falling over. From laughter. And maybe a little pain...

A few weeks later, my mother moved into our neighborhood (yes, that's half our parents now living in our neighborhood) and brought her fun pool. And a slide. Anyone guess where that's going?

You didn't know that was the next logical idea? We've spent several hours replicating this event. 

Ok, my next two posts are practically writing themselves. I've got another fun picture post with a tiny little hooray, and then I thought I'd post about Asher's annual report thingy. We wrote our first one this year!


Cindy said...

One Year! How did that happen already! Happy you are back to blogging : )

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying we see more of these posts.....because my kiddos love seeing pics of Asher since we can't see you in person. :)

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