Thursday, November 11

Pumpkin Patch

I realize it's already November. And the middle of November at that. But I still have four hundred darling pictures of Asher at the Pumpkin Patch so I'm going to post them anyway. Plus, this is my blog so I'll do whatever I want. Betcha didn't see that coming.  Ok, so I realize most of you can't handle the sheer volume of cuteness in four hundred pictures, so I'll only post eight. You can thank me later.

Asher spent most of his time running and jumping on this ramp. It was his favorite part of the whole experience. 

Monday, November 8

Lest you think our lives are boring...

My adorable little trouble-maker keeps very busy. Busy being adorable. Busy making trouble.

What? You don't believe me?

That's fine. I have plenty of evidence.

On this particular day I'd made some blueberry muffins for a visiting friend. Visiting friend shared muffins with Asher. Visiting friend left. Asher's desire for muffins did not.

"Oh, there's Mom."

"What's she staring at?"
 "I should crawl up on the island so I can reach the others. Yeah. That's a good idea."

"Hmm. This fancy leafy paper by Martha is tasty."

After eating the top off the first muffin, Asher tossed it to the side and lunged for more. One for each hand. That move was less successful.

Thursday, November 4

WHY isn't he a MODEL???

I know we are all asking ourselves this question. And you are always asking me this question. 

I understand. I get it.  He is quite handsome. And charming. Very charming. 

But he is also busy. Very busy. 

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