Wednesday, October 31


Well this is it! This is our blog. I've been waiting to start blogging about our baby for ever...but then again, I've been waiting to start the process for what seems like forever, too. But I'm considering it official now since we mailed in our contracts yesterday. And I bought my first baby thing yesterday, too. It's a product (RED) onesie. I especially love the "delive(red)" one. Isn't it most fitting?

A little about us: We are Justin and Nell Ann and we live in The Woodlands area, which is north of Houston, Texas. We've been married about a year and a half at this point. We have two puppies (who aren't really puppies anymore) named Samson and Tyrone. And now we're starting the process to adopt an infant from Ethiopia, but I guess you already knew that.
Thanks for reading!
Oh, and I like blogs better with pictures, so here is one of my favorites to start off!

This is Justin, with Samson (in the back) and Tyrone the night we adopted them.

They don't look near as scary now.

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