Wednesday, June 24

slight delay and apology ... again

Well folks, I really want to do a post (or a million) about our time in Ethiopia and meeting our sweet son and Hannah's Hope and being home and being a family of three and about twenty other things...but I don't like to blog without pictures and blogger isn't letting me upload any! It's a complete tragedy! I hope you accept this one tiny picture as an apology. This is our first picture as a family, when we met our son for the first time. He isn't really so sure about it...but we were having a blast! 

I'm also having a hard time trying to decide on the next post. So let's have a vote! 
1. Should I go ahead and start about being home and the here and now? 
2. Should I recap our time in Ethiopia?
3. Should I tell you all our travel tips and secrets -- and warnings?
4. Something else you want to know that I haven't thought of...?

Leave a comment with your suggestion and I'll get to posting real soon! Oh, and I know you want more pictures. I know! 

Monday, June 8

Monday smile

Happy Five Month Birthday!

Saturday, June 6

tagsie winner and our baby, too!

We're back! We're busy visiting with relatives and friends but doing great! Here's a picture of our handsome little boy for you to drool and coo over until I sit down to post more...

And our Tagsie Giveaway Winner is Cindy of The Sweetest Thing. Yay! Send me your address and I'll send you a tagsie. : ) Ok, fun times. : ) More later. Right now I'm too busy loving on this baby. 

Friday, June 5

Home Sweet Home

Well, we finally made it! Baby boy is sleeping in the bassinet next to
nubby who crashed immediately after we came home. For the record, my
hubband is amazing and deserves a big prize for his behavior today.
More on that later. We are thrilled to finally be home as a family
and promise to post more details and pics soon.

Oh, and to the families whose kids I loved at HH, boy have we got some
goodies for you! I promise to not make you wait too long!

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Tuesday, June 2

Surviving Great

Well, we made it through the night! Baby Galindo slept 10 hours (with
two night feedings) so we are absolutely positive this is OUR kid. :
) He did decide it was time to wake up for good around 4:30 this
morning, so that's a little weird, but we're managing.

Today we head into town and buy fun things and hang out more at
Hannah's Hope with the other cuties. Man, there are so many! Even
Justin was ready to bring home extra babies.

Our embassy appointment yesterday went great and everything is done
and legal and final. We're still working on a name. Glad that wasn't
part of the documentation yesterday. Everyone thinks our babe is so
cute -- and that's because he is. We are already totally smitten and
love his big gummy smiles and funny little giggles. We can't wait to
show him off to everyone!

love to all--
j & n

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