Friday, March 13


I realize there are no pictures. Boo. I promise to work on that soon. 

I'm a little busy. It takes time to contact senators and representatives. 

Our adoption case worker, Julie, suggested that we press on with this plan to get our stuff in line with CIS. We don't want anything to hold up our travel. 

If you don't mind, say a little prayer for us. I feel confident that God is waiting for the perfect time to make this an obvious display of His power and His grace, but some of us are having a harder time relying on that than others. : ) Please pray that we continue to feel His abundant peace in this process as we wait for court (52 days) and also for our CIS statements. Thanks for stopping by. I promise next time there will be fun pictures! I promise! 

Sunday, March 8

happy two month birthday

sweet baby boy,
today is your two month birthday!
you are just waking up for a fun filled day of eating, snoozing, sunning and funning.
we pray you get lots of hugs and giggles today
and that you know we have eight weeks exactly until our court date. 
we can't wait to meet you
and hold you
and kiss you
and bring you home. 

we are already so in love with you!

And, in true blog fashion, two things we love about you:
1. Your fantastic facial expressions. Our referral pictures are from your first week of life, and even in them you are so expressive! We can't wait to see what new faces and expressions you can make now. This is just one little thing that proves you were meant for our family.
2. Your totally smoochable lips. Everyone comments on how they can't wait to kiss you. We're already preparing to keep the girls away, Mommy's friends included. 

Happy Two Month Birthday!

Friday, March 6

court date

Our court date is set. We're scheduled for Monday, May 4, 2009!

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