Sunday, November 23

big list -- revised

I don't feel like I have much to blog about...but here I am anyway. 

Life Updates:
1. My grandmother was released from the hospital on Thursday. Praise God! Thank you for all your prayers and kind words.
2. Christina did in fact pass the bar. Like there was any doubt. 
3. I had Lasik surgery on both eyes and it went well. No severed cornea or anything. 
4. In the last ten days I joined a small group and then volunteered for it to meet in my house. And to make dinner. 
5. We went to the midnight opening of Twilight. With the entire population of 15 year old girls. Wow. 
6. The doggies are no longer allowed on any furniture. It's an adjustment (for them and for Justin) but I like it!
7. I finally get to contribute to Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Probably more out of necessity than anything else, but I'll take what I can get! 
8. I got sick last week and fell...and broke my glasses. It's ok though -- see #3.

For those of you who don't know me personally, or see me get things done, let me tell you how it is. First, I make lists. Lists of what I want to do. Then, a list with the correct order in which to do those things. Often my lists have sub-lists. Usually, I like lists to be completely scratched out. I tried making those cute little boxes for a while, but it didn't clearly differentiate the stuff I'd done. So, like I said, I like to totally scribble things out. 

I have a lot of things to do. Especially in the next few days and weeks. So I'm making a public list because that keeps me accountable (very important for completion!) and honestly, it gives me something to blog. 

Things to do this week: (unordered as yet)
1. Buy new pet beds for living room.   done!
2. Grocery shop.  done, but need to go again!
3. Make foodstuffs for multiple Thanksgivings. And small group on Tuesday. done and done.
4. Send Misty her bday pics
5. Vacuum couches (for last time!)  done--yay!
6. Get out Christmas stuff! Yay! done!
7. Realize how much Christmas stuff there is. definitely done.
8. Make a list of Christmas stuff to actually get out and stuff to give away. 
9. Get spare bed for Travis and Dad from Amber.
10. Find pile of money
11. Get Etsy site completely done.  done.
12. Finalize graduation stuff?  done. the big day is Dec. 21
13. CIS Fingerprints - scheduled for Friday morning!

There. That's it. For this week. Anyone who reads this has my permission to ask me about these things.   Also, it is my goal to stay pretty busy until the new year so that the waiting will not seem too bad. This is usually not a hard goal, but this year, there doesn't seem to be much on the calendar yet.  That should take me through two new sets of numbers (Dec and Jan). During this time I will also be cleaning out the extra room so that in January, when surely we will be a single digit, I'm going to start-- yes, really start-- on the baby's room. Absolutely! Yes! So there it is. My goals. And a timeline. Awesome. 2009 will be the year of the baby. 

Friday, November 14

Halloween and November Numbers

Ok, I know. This post is way late. Like...waaaay late. But, better late than never. Right?

Here are the pics from Jess and Dan's famous Halloween Party. I know you've been waiting.

Yay for couple costumes! I am a bunny rabbit. And Justin is a hunter.
Justin will only wear "costumes" he already owns. That explains last year's dentist (scrubs) and this year's hunter (camo). I'm running out of ideas to match what is in his closet. Next year we are in big trouble.

Bunny Rabbit, meet Christmas Tree.
(And yes, we already got the inappropriate holiday mascot joke.)

Here is Jess as Scout from "To Kill a Mockingbird". Don't worry. Nobody else got it either.

Justin along with Dan the giraffe and John who went as Rambo. Please note his necklace of fingers. They were awesome...until the pool volleyball.

I'd like to think that this pose is because the prey is kissing the hunter...but it's not. Justin makes that face most of the time.

Christina, Jess, Nell Ann. During the evening, Jess always manages to slip out of her costume and morph into parts of other people's costumes. It's a unique talent.

There were lots of other pics. Most too embarrassing for the web. The bunny suit was great once the temp finally dropped late night. Before that it was sweltering. Sweats plus fur not only visually adds 60 lbs, but it also really makes you hot!!!


If you recall, our October numbers were: girl 25, boy 15, sibling 9

Our November Numbers are: girl 19, boy 11, sibling 9

Yay for movement! I have been thinking lately that I am so very glad that the holidays fall in our wait time. It's good to have so much going on that I don't notice every single day that passes. Before I know it the holidays will be done and maybe we'll be in single digits. Then I'll have to get really busy on the baby's room.

By the way, we're taking suggestions for the baby's nickname. We're looking for something gender unspecific. We don't really have a peanut or baby bump or even a smudge (hi Angela!) so we're kinda stuck. So far, all we've got is doodlebug. We'd love to hear your suggestion. Who knows? Maybe our baby will have your nickname!!

Thursday, November 6

anxiety level high

Well, I know that for TWO days now, our agency has been sending out info via email and phone call about new numbers, travel calls and referrals. And I have been waiting patiently...but not so much now. I'm ready for my info! Call me next! Please! 

If I may, I'd also like to add some prayer requests today:
1. My grandmother is back in the hospital not doing well. She's started seeing "ghosts" and thinks our family is part of a conspiracy with the nurses. This is all very new behavior for her. My grandfather and my mother are very stressed out with this. 

2. My dad is still waiting to hear back results about his bladder cancer. He's really hard to get info out of and this worries me. 

3, My father in law is waiting for results on whether or not he has RA. 

4. My best friend, Christina, is waiting to get her BAR EXAM RESULTS today and her anxiety is even higher than mine is. 

5. Also, my hubband is still sickish and is still off work. And we are spending a lot of time together. For some of you, this makes a lot of sense. ; )

Thanks for your prayers! Please include patience! 
I promise to post our Halloween pics soon, too. Hopefully with our new numbers. 

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